Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Draw a Dragon contest: Winners!

Holy lizard balls, you guys.

Do you know how HARD it was to judge this contest?  So many awesome dragon pics.  So many talented artists.  I wanted to pick them all!

Sadly, I could only choose two, and it took me a looooooong time to finally decide.  Basically, the winners were chosen based on which dragons I would like to create out of clay.  But, it was HARD, you guys.  Omg, it was hard.  I finally narrowed it down to these two.

And the WINNING ENTRIES of the Draw a Dragon Contest:

Winner #1:

So. Fluffy.  Fluffy fairy dragon FTW.

Winner #2:

He has headphones on!  How awesome is that?

Winner #3

Yes, I'm naming another winner, because this pic was too fabulous not to mention. This entry will receive a copy of Talon as a prize, since I'm pretty certain my clay sculpting skills will not do this pair justice.  Wow, I say.

So those are the winners of the Draw a Dragon contest.  I will be emailing winners soon for their mailing info.  I will also be posting the winning entry's clay dragons when I  make them.  But there were SO MANY great pics.  This was by far the hardest contest I've ever had to judge.  Here are some honorable mentions and more awesome looking dragons.

And many more!  Over a hundred, in fact.  Thanks to everyone who entered and took the time to draw a dragon.  Getting to see so many wonderful dragons made my night.  =)

Also, Honorable Mention winners, if you email me your mailing address at juliekagawa@juliekagawa(dot)com, I will send you a signed Talon bookplate.  Thanks again, everyone!  And keep checking back for more exciting Talon stuff in the weeks to come.



  1. Wow, you have some truly talented fans. I also love the pink fairy dragon, and I don't like pink! Congratulations to the winners.

  2. They are all amazing! Such talent like wow. Many congratulations to you all!

  3. Thanks for the Honorable Mention. :) It was fun to be goaded into drawing a dragon from the depths of my mind. I also confess, it was fun watching all the other dragons popping up. Such a variety!

  4. CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS AND EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED because I believe everyone did a astounding and awesome job ! So much dragons-I cant handle it, whoa! I had lots of fun doing this contest and can't wait for the results for them! :) eep !

  5. I totally understand why it was so hard. I myself am not good enough at representing the awesomeness of my imaginary dragon but these one are awesome as well (not as much as mine, though ;P).

    My favorites: the third winner, the one with the girl with a horn hat, and the second and third to last pictures (don't know if that's proper English, but I'm sure you know what I mean).

    Congrats, winners, and really, you should think about making more of those ;)

  6. Oh wow, this is so exciting!! The little pink fairy dragon was my entry! I am so thrilled that my entry was one of the winners!

    Everyone's dragons were really great though, I definitely don't envy Julie the decision she had to make!

  7. Awesome my two dragons won :D, I was the third winner. I'm glad you enjoyed it enough to add me too the winners, thank you Julie. There was a lot of great dragons, good job everyone.
    Could I still get a dragon figurine though? It doesn't have to be of my dragons. Your sculpts are amazing and I would still love to have one.

    1. Of course! I will email you and the other winners this weekend. Thanks again, everyone who participated. :)

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