Tuesday, October 7, 2014

New website, Talon tour

Hey everyone!

I have a new website!  It's very snazzy, with lots of neat features and some gorgeous artwork, and I love it lots.  Go to juliekagawa.com to check it out, and be sure to read the newest blog entry for some awesome news about a contest.

I'll be gradually moving everything over to the new site, including this blog.  Hope you enjoy it, and check out the fabulous artwork on the various pages, especially Talon.  =)

Also, the Talon blog tour began this week.  For some really cool prizes, including a Talon hardcover and 1 of 5 handmade dragons...

...go to Step Into Fiction for your chance to win, and see the rest of the tour stops.

You can also meet Riley, the bad boy rogue dragon of the Talon series.

More exciting things to come very soon!



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